The snowfall collapses the ship of Fermator, the most important company of the Priorat

2022-10-08 17:56:45 By : Mr. Brian Dai

The 15,000 m2 warehouse that the Fermator company had in the Sort dels Capellans industrial estate, in Falset, has been completely destroyed with the roof collapsing due to the snowfall.This company, based in Reus, is a world leader in the manufacture of lift doors, with a market share of 25% worldwide, and produces and exports to 5 continents.On Sunday, 8,000 m2 of the roof collapsed and this Monday the part that remained upright, that of the offices, of 7,000 m2, fell.Affection is complete.It was not only the largest ship in the estate, but the first company in the Priorat region, with 120 permanent workers, according to the Minister of Industry, Ramon Tremosa.Together with the Vice-President and Minister of Economy, Pere Aragonès, they traveled to Priorat and also to Reus to visit the headquarters of the Fermator company.Tremosa explained that the priority is to preserve jobs and keep the company in Falset and the region."The Generalitat has different tools, such as the Catalan Institute of Finance, ICF, or the General Directorate of Industry, but the priority is to facilitate the reconstruction of this company in Falset to save jobs in Falset and the region. "The plant that the company has in Reus for the moment will be able to host part of the production, said Tremosa.According to firefighters, the probable cause of the collapse is that the weight of the snow accumulated on the roof has caused part of the structure to give way.In the count of damages caused by the snowfall of storm Filomena, the Fire Department has reported a farm, also in Falset, where part of the roof has fallen and affected the livestock.#Bomberscat we check a farm in Falset where part of the roof has given way (about 300m2), affecting some of the animals that were* Data from the last 24 hours* Data from the last 48 hours© Corporació Catalana de Media Audiovisual, SA